2 days to Mental Health Day

2 steps to a better Mental Health

Mindfulness is an internal process we all have that allows us to be completely present in a moment, become aware of where we are as well as our thoughts, emotions and behaviors without being judgmental or overreacting to the experience unfolding. It is apart of who we are as human beings, so anyone can do it, but needs some practice since life gets so busy and overwhelming, we might forget to be mindful in each moment. It is not all mental, it can be body and sensory related, and helps us observe, gain awareness and process events, experiences, thoughts and all sorts of emotions, especially challenging ones. It will help your mind and body stay healthy, calm and in its natural rhythm.

Rain Mindfulness Exercise

R – recognize what is going on around you (what you can hear, see, feel, smell, taste, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors)

A – Allow the experience to be, without thinking about your next steps, simply observe it and pause. This gives us space to explore in depth our own selves.

I – Investigate compassionately (what is happening inside me, what is it my body needs and how am I experiencing it, what am I seeking in this moment, what is my inner voice telling me, how can I care for myself right now)

N – Nurturing and natural awareness comes not identifying with the experience (who you are is not merged in this experience, emotion, sensation or thought.)

Try RAIN and let us know how the experience was for you.