Mental health issues have no gender! We all can be vulnerable, and we all can need help!

In 2021, Greece is the 6th country with the highest prevalence rates of depression. A substantial number of men suffer in silence with depression and other mental illnesses due to societal, gender-based and cultural stigma’s around seeking help. This year only, men were 4.4 times more likely to commit suicide compared to women in Greece with the male suicide rate of 8.4% and female rate of 1.9%.

Men are less likely to express their struggles are facing, and experience intense overwhelming emotions, stress, grief, loss, and anxiety but are used to hiding it.

Do not suffer in silence, talking about your feelings isn’t gendered, it is a human thing to do, so speak up or ask for help. Being vulnerable shows strength, and encourage other men to talk, there are people who want to listen to them. Equality in mental health is for everyone, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, color, or shape.

Break the stigma and raise awareness about men’s mental health!


Happy Men’s Day!