December 3 has been designated by the United Nations as International Day of Peοple with Disabilities, with the aim to promote equality in society and raise awareness. In Greece the percentage of people with disabilities reach 1 million of the population, a significant number in need of adequate infrastructure.

The theme of this year’s campaign of the International Day of People with Disabilities is the “Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era.” What is it like to have a national health system and deprive yourself of the necessary care, at a time when global health is being affected? People with disabilities comprise the amount of population mostly affected by the pandemic. Marginalization, discrimination, vulnerability and exploitation have increased in combination with the difficulty of receiving the care they need. Thus, in the era of COVID-19, they may find themselves closer to social isolation than ever before, faced with a lack of mental health services but also a lack of response of the health system in cases of emergency.

But what does disability mean, and not a special need? Disability means lack of diligence or partial or total lack of a member, organ or function. This term is chosen instead of the special, because special means that someone is different and needs special treatment. People with disability do not need special treatment but the provision of appropriate standards to be able to live without obstacles.

What a person with a disability need is to be able to access important things in their daily life, such as being able to work, being able to move easily on the streets and in places of entertainment, exercising, and of course being able to receive medical care. that is needed. To be an equal member of our society!

Fight for the Right of People with Disabilities