Tell me, which fear have you loved again*


Fear is manifested in numerous ways. Through debilitating anxiety, through the inability to take decisions, the difficulty to assert your position, hesitation, silence towards family and friends, through taking harmful decisions, compromise, subjugation to the will of others and negative image about ourselves and our life, among others. It is a primal emotion, which also has a luminous side and prevents us from the dictates of our impulses and the dangers in situations where we have to “fight or flight”. Naturally, this means that we are dealing with healthy cases. Nowadays, fear is spread in any possible way. From the mass media, the possible collapse of economy, the everyday struggle of people to make a living, the worrying about the future. We are almost bombarded by fear. And what should people do to protect themselves? There are ways. Ask for help from a mental health expert, apply critical thinking on the information they receive, or have a supportive family and friendly network. Fear will always exist. How we deal with it is what measures the level of our happiness. And even if it seems very difficult, we can eventually learn not to love fear, and not to let it win, realizing thus dreams and wishes, and fulfilling our potential.


*The inspiration and the title for the above text come from the song “New dizziness” by the Greek rock band “Holes”.