Clinical hypnotherapy


Through Clinical Hypnotherapy the patient learns to enter a state of complete relaxation with the use of diaphragmatic breathing. Following the submissions and promptings of the certified Hypnotherapist based on a specific protocol according to his/her request, the client is treated in a neurobiological way, with appropriate music and according to techniques and methods derived from both Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Mindfulness will help with a variety of problems such as learning to self-relax, anxiety disorders as well as mood disorders, sleep problems, psychosomatic issues and phobias, increasing selfconfidence, better managing emotions, etc.. Hypnotherapy is practiced at our center and specifically at the Anoiksis and Zografou offices in an ethical and ethical manner and only after evaluating the interested party as to whether the model can be useful for him/her. Synthetically and using other approaches, it is scientifically proven to help with a variety of requests both consciously and unconsciously

Ένα ταξίδι χιλιάδων χιλιομέτρων… αρχίζει με ένα βήμα.

– Λάο Τσε