Psychotherapy – Counseling

Psychotherapy and counseling are processes through which you can discuss matters that concern you with a specialist who is trained to understand and help you deal with a variety of issues.


Psychotherapy is a journey of self-discovery you embark upon with the guidance and support of your therapist. It is a branch of applied psychology that is constantly evolving and based on scientifically substantiated theories about human personality and behavior while implementing empirically validated techniques.

The ultimate goal of individual psychotherapy is the reconstruction of self which includes processes such as: challenging dysfunctional thinking patterns, managing and processing feelings and behaviors, while striving for overall personal development. Individual goals include solving internal conflicts, treating psychopathological symptoms, improving psychological skills, enhancing self-awareness, learning problem solving skills, improving self-esteem and self-image, improving social relationships and communication skills.


Counseling is another specialty in the science of psychology. Its aim is to restore the individual’s mental health and self-awareness, thus contributing to the maximum utilization of personal abilities, immediate solution of day to day problems and the development of inner potential. Counseling refers to specific methods and techniques implemented by trained counselors. It is a brief form of therapy, where the inner world of the individual is not thoroughly analyzed, instead focusing on changing behavior, discovering alternatives and new perspectives while offering support.

These services have the potential to help you better understand yourself, your feelings and behaviors, as well as provide you with the support you need to make the necessary changes that will improve your quality of life.

Choosing between counseling or psychotherapy depends on the nature of difficulties you are faced with, degree of internal conflict, and your readiness to delve into the depths of your psyche. During the first session, you and your therapist will explore and mutually decide upon the intervention framework that is best suited to you.

We can support you with a variety of issues such as:

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