Andriana Samaridou MSc

Psychologist – Integrative Psychotherapist

My journey and interest in psychology began in my adolescence, when I started observing my interest in how diverse people are. This observation affected me and my choice of studies. I have a Bsc degree in Applied Psychology and continue on Msc studies of Counselling and Integrative psychotherapy at the Mediterranean College, an associate member of Derby University England (Mediterranean College, University of Derby).

During the bachelor’s years, I became acquainted with the human thinking, behaviour and many other aspects of people’s life. As a part of the bachelor degree, I also conducted a research about the role of gender, type of relationship and adult attachment style on peoples’ perceptions about love and sex attitudes. Concretely, for two years I worked as a volunteer at the recovery and rehabilitation center for children with disabilities Agios Dimitrisi, Down syndrome’s association, the smile of the child in Thessaloniki as well as I have been member of the voluntary team of Hellenic Society of Arthritis.

Consequently, I attended the postgraduate program of Integrative counselling & psychotherapy combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with John Bowlby’s Theory of Personality and Person-Centric Approach, I conducted a dissertation about humor in the psychotherapeutic process, and completed three years of supervision and practice as psychotherapist in private centers in Thessaloniki and Athens.

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