Dr. Sophia Protopapa, MSc CMHC, CSP, GCDF

Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Certified Supervision Practitioner

Career Counselor, College Faculty, Author

My name is Sophia Protopapa and I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I hold two certifications as a Certified Supervision Professional and a Global Career Development Facilitator by the National Board of Certified Counselors, U.S.A., and have a diverse academic background in History, Organizational Psychology and the Social Sciences.

In individual and group therapy sessions, I mainly work with the cognitive behavioral approach aiming to facilitate clients develop skills to effectively manage challenges, such as anxiety, people pleasing or low self-esteem, find inner balance and untap their potential in life

I run self-awareness and counseling skills workshops for new therapists, therapeutic groups for social anxiety, assertive behavior, self-esteem and talents and strengths.

In my role as a career counselor, I do career counseling and stress management sessions with adolescents and their parents, I work with adults in job search and career change and I train career counselors.

Since 2003, I am faculty in applied psychology courses at undergraduate and graduate programs. As I love to grow professionally, I attend seminars and workshops around my areas of expertise. Also, I love reading psychology and philosophy books and writing. Until now, I have authored or co-authored three books:

Leadership for Children: A guide for parents, teachers and coaches aiming at the development of children’s leadership characteristics and skills, 2019

Eudaimonia as a way of life: A conversation with Aristotle inspired by the Nicomachean Ethics, 2016

Emotional Prosperity-Emotional Bankruptcy: An inside-out approach, 2015

A last thing I would like to share with you is that you are not alone, and you can always talk to someone for any issues that distress you.





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