Ioanna Aslani, MA

Mental Health Counselor, Integrative Approach – CBT & Clinical Hypnotherapist

My name is Ioanna Aslani and I am a Mental Health Counselor. I am trained in the Integrative Approach of Psychotherapy (Person Centered, Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic approaches) and I have completed my postgraduate studies in Counseling and Psychotherapy (University of East London) with a specialization in Clinical and Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (Centre of Psychotherapy and Modern Applied Psychology, Marousi). My work interests and areas of work experience include: the internal struggles and daily problems someone faces, anxiety, psychosomatic and depression symptoms, sexual orientation and gender identity, interpersonal such as: family, partners and working relationships, motherhood, the impact of past on present, as well as relaxation and mindfulness.

My interest in particular in Human Psychology was born during my childhood and adolescence. Since then, I had been reading Psychology books while my life and my own experiences made me search for the drives behind the human actions and the replies on questions like “why is this happening?”. I was always interested in Human Sciences and connecting with people was my first concern. On the grounds of that when I finished school, I studied Greek Philology (University of Ioannina) with a specialization in Special Education and Parents Counseling (EKPA). After extended process and work with myself I was devoted to studying Counseling and Psychotherapy while the willing inside me to provide psychological support to people as a “travel companion” in their psychotherapeutic trip was raising.

Considering Mental Health and everyone’s inner power for change important, today I provide in person and via skype counseling sessions and workshops in my private office in Zografou as a Partner of the professional team of Roots Wellness Center. In the past I have cooperated with some Psychotherapy centers as part of my clinical practice and volunteerism such as with the Centre of Psychotherapy and Modern Applied Psychology, where I also took a lot of courses and hours of continuous specialization. With respect to the therapeutic relationship and considering personal therapy, supervision and continuous research and specialization essential for Mental Health Counselors, I am under personal supervision, taking part in seminars and conferences of Counseling and Psychotherapy, while continuing my studies in Psychology (Metropolitan College of Greece).

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