Natasha Sharma, MSc, CCTP

Psychotherapist – Mental Health Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy -Integrative Therapy

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nathasha. I grew up in a multicultural sort of environment, I am
South Asian, specifically from India, but I was raised for a majority of my life in the Middle East, and I
share this because I feel that our environment, culture and space plays a really important role in shaping
who we are. When I was younger, often I felt a sense of confusion regarding where I fit in, I was
considered an outsider in the Middle East, but I felt so attached to it, yet in the Indian culture, because I
had never lived in India, it sometimes felt like I lacked the connectedness to that as well. Home, for me
was somewhere abstract and in between, this became all the more challenging when I moved to Greece,
I had this new world, a new culture, I had to now incorporate into my identity as well. Over time, with
age, a lot of processing and reflection, I would come to learn that the idea of a home was internal, it
included all the cultures and places I had the unique opportunity to experience, all the values,
experiences, beliefs, emotions that I chose to cherish and that, there was no single answer to who I was,
or where home is. You see, when someone asks any of us who we are, there is never a one-line answer
to such a question. Really, every person, myself included, we are multidimensional, with collections of
layers, sections, subsections, compartments and categories that make us who we are. The one-line
answer would be, I am Human. It is these beautiful layers in all human beings that drew me to the field
of psychology and mental health.

Although, since I was young, I was very drawn to psychology, it was not the career path I had originally
decided to pursue in my last few years of high school. I was actually very interested in theater arts, but
towards the end of my high school career, I came to a realization, an extremely important one at that –
the reason I was so attracted to theater wasn’t about the art itself, it was about the people, the
characters in the plays or stories that I was captivated by, their emotions, their thoughts, their
experiences and the exuberant amount of care and empathy I felt for them. Eventually, it was this
compassion for human experience that began my academic journey, obtaining a B.A in Psychology at
Deree- The American College of Greece/ The Open University and a MSc. in Clinical Psychology and
Mental Health Counseling at the Hellenic American University.

During my training, I received 3 years of extensive and immeasurable practice employing counseling
skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process with individuals and groups. I have
training and supervision in counseling at private centers where I explored difficulties ranging from
trauma and abuse, childhood attachment, anxiety, stress, panic, depression, PTSD, psychosomatic
symptoms, coping, culture, phobia’s, grief, development/growth across the lifespan and
personality/behavioral difficulties. I have also participated in webinars, workshops, groups and sessions
regarding self-esteem, procrastination, self-growth, alternative trauma and stress therapies, meditation,
and mindfulness.

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attachment Based Therapy however, I incorporate
other integrative approaches such as Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Schema Therapy, Gestalt,
Psychodynamic, Person Centered and Holistic Alternative modalities to provide comprehensive care to
each individual. My personal experiences with injustice, bullying, depression and hurt, all added to my
pre-existing interest in the field of trauma and a certification from the International Trauma Training
Institute and Evergreen Certifications as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). I provide
counseling and psychotherapy sessions both in-person and online as well as workshops, webinars and
group sessions.

Sessions incorporate a diverse culturally informed and trauma informed approach to ensure a safe
space for each individual. For me, the therapeutic relationship, as with most relational experiences, is
the basis for growth and connection, where it is my honor to foster an empathic, compassionate,
honest, respectful, authentic and warm environment, with goals tailor made for each session and each
person. Therapy is a special collaborative process from start to end, working together to maintain your
wellbeing and I wish you a warm welcome on this monumental journey you are about to embark on!

Exploring the Empathy-Aggression Relationship in Greek college students– Journal of Psychology
Research (DOI:10.30564/jpr.v3i2.3124).

Coauthor of Parents, Children, Teens and Psychological Viewpoints on Parenting Practices in
Kuwait and Greece – Lexington Books / Rowman and Littlefield. (ISBN: 978-1-66692-507-4)

Sessions are held in English (Fluent/Native) with basic understanding and communication in Hindi and Arabic.

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