Sharma Natasha, MSc, CCTP

Mental Health Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

My quest to pursue a career in psychology and the helping profession began long ago in my adolescence. I was interested in exploring individual differences in how we react to events and experiences and help provide tools that would enhance well-being. Growing up in a multicultural environment, being South Asian raised in the Middle East, I feel that our environment, culture and space play an important role in how we develop ourselves, how we cope with adversity and experience life in the future. I began to observe these key factors in the Middle East, South Asian Culture and Greece too, I continue being highly receptive to these influences through my studies. Understanding the roots of where we formed our beliefs about ourselves, the world and others is an important element that can shape our self-awareness and how consciously we live our lives.

Through my academic journey of obtaining a BA. Degree in Psychology at Deree – The American College of Greece as well as the Open University, I became familiar with knowledge and basis of cognition and behavior. Some of my research interests included:  The embodiment of emotion through mimicry and facial expressions;  The differences between storytelling and silence (gestures, expression and avoidance) in qualitative research; Health needs and stressors of refugee migration; Understanding intimate partner violence;  Assessment and treatment of paraphilic disorders; Investigating confirmation bias and double standards and, Investigating the effectiveness of multitasking. Through these different interests, my final research project and thesis explored the effects of Media Violence associated with Gender, Personality and Aggression.

I gained a MSc. in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Counseling at Hellenic American University. During this phase, I received immeasurable training  employing counseling skills and gained a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process within individuals and groups placing. I investigated further in-depth topics of Trauma and abuse, Anxiety – Depression and coping, Phobia’s, Substance use, Development and growth across the lifespan, Personality/behavioural difficulties, Ethics, Childhood influences and Holistic Alternative Approaches. I participated in webinars, workshops, groups and sessions regarding self-esteem, procrastination, alternative trauma and stress therapy, meditation and mindfulness, growth and development. I am especially well versed in relaxation techniques, creative self-care practices and social skills training. I also received certification from the International Trauma Training Institute and Evergreen Certifications as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). I conducted my post graduate thesis on the Empathy-Aggression relationship in Greek Students, which was later published by the Journal of Psychological Research as well (DOI: 10.30564/jpr.v3i2.3124).

I received 2 and a half years of extensive training and supervision in private centers incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other approaches such as Mindfulness, Holistic Alternative therapies, Trauma and Attachment. As well as personally incorporating other useful techniques from Schema Therapy, Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Person Centered modalities to provide holistic care to each individual. I provide counseling and psychotherapy sessions both in-person and online via skype as well as workshops, webinars and group sessions.

Sessions  incorporate a diverse culturally informed and trauma informed approach to ensure a safe space for each individual. For me, the therapeutic relationship is the basis of all growth where I promote an empathic, compassionate, honest, authentic, warm environment with goals tailor made for each session and each individual. Therapy is a collaborative process from start to end, working together to maintain wellbeing.

Sessions are held in English (Fluent/Native) with basic understanding and communication in Hindi and Arabic.

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