Athena Trigenis MA MHC

Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Mind Body Medicine – Reiki MT

Greetings, everyone! I’m Athena. While born in the United States, I’ve spent most of my life in Greece.
This background significantly shaped who I am today, influencing my identity and personality.
Growing up between two cultures wasn’t always easy. In my childhood, my Greek friends dubbed me
“Athena the American,” yet at my English-speaking school, I felt less American than the embassy or
military kids. This dual existence often brought uncertainty, a disconnection from either country, and a
feeling of alienation. These emotions, whether valid or exaggerated, have been a significant part of my
journey—one that goes beyond the scope of this introduction.

To cope, I became an exceptional listener to avoid speaking. Although English was my first language and
thinking process, living in Greece made me self-conscious. I spoke Greek fluently but felt anxious about
being teased for mixing words. Thus, as an introvert, I developed acute empathy, attuned to my feelings
and those of others.

This empathy drew people of all ages to share their life stories with me. It’s a phenomenon I can’t fully
comprehend. Perhaps it’s an aura of trust or security I project. What I’m certain of is that this profession
didn’t merely become a choice; it chose me.

I am a Clinical Psychologist and founder of Roots Wellness Center. With 20 years of experience across the
US, the UK, and Greece, I’ve worked in treatment centers, psychiatric facilities, and private practice. Over
eight years, I’ve supervised graduate students training to become psychotherapists.

My academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a joint master’s degree in
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. My goal is to restore mental health, bring balance to
lives, and enhance day-to-day living. I use Eclectic/Integrative Psychotherapy, combining traditional and
complementary therapies, offering at-home practices for daily routines.

I’ve studied at Harvard University, the University of Indianapolis, Benson & Henry Institute, Hypnosis
Motivation Institute, and the University of Wales, Bangor UK. I’m a Certified Supervision Professional
(CSP) licensed through the European Board for Certified Counselors. I specialize in Mind and Body
Medicine, Everyday Meditation Practices, and Foundations in Hypnosis. I hold a psychologist license (No.
AD: 3493 / 20-04-10) and am a member of APA, ISMHO, and the National Psychological Association.
Additionally, I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) consultant,
applying holistic approaches in treating psychological disorders.

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